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Tips For Men For Enhanced Sex

Sex can be so enjoyable when both a man and a woman are adequately prepared and understand the needs of each other. When a woman is well stimulated her vaginal walls become well lubricated, which makes penetration smooth. The following tips are important for a man to satisfy his woman during sex, thereby increasing his own pleasure:


Foreplay is very critical in enhancing a woman’s arousal for sex. Men should start by stroking the less obvious erogenous zones such as the neck, hair and scalp, and the face. Kissing is ideal for an adult who has experience in sex just like it is to a teenager who is having their first encounter. Passionate kisses make intimacy more pleasurable. Establish a sexual rapport prior to starting by stroking the obvious erogenous zones such as the breasts, thighs and finally the clitoris.


Your partner should know how much you need them and are deriving pleasure having sex with them. Communication helps partners gain sexual harmony during intercourse. Ensure to tell your partner what you feel or what you want in an open and frank manner.

Alternate Sex Positions

Alternating sex positions during intimacy brings different types of sensation to partners and helps prolong sex duration. Ideally, a man ejaculates fast when a woman has greater control and changing the position of control helps delay ejaculation. Partners should discuss the positions which are more comfortable to them when having sex.

Practice Delaying Techniques

Women enjoy sex more when a man takes long before achieving an ejaculation. Men should practice delaying techniques to enable themselves to hold off their ejaculation during sex. Whenever a man comes close to ejaculation, he should stop thrusting and resume when the urge has subsided or relax the muscles of the penis. Other ideas that work for some are focusing on non-sexual things to last longer. Another option is a cock ring. This device will not only help you last longer, but enhance the hardness of your erection.

Stroke the Clitoris during Intercourse

A woman derives extra stimulation from stroking her clitoris during sexual intercourse. To achieve maximum stimulation to the clitoris, a woman should take positions that allow her to be in much control during sex such as on top of the man during missionary sex position or doggy style. Her clitoris becomes elongated during thrusts making her more sexually satisfied.

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